What am I Doing?

Monday, October 29, 2007

It's Yiddish for Matthew

Dear Diary,

Follow up to Friday's post.

I realized this weekend that one of my suspects was "Matisyahu" and you do not know who that is yet.  "Matisyahu" is this guy that walks around the floor with headphones on 24/7.  Yeap.  Even when he goes to the restroom he leaves the headphones on.  I call this guy "Matisyahu" for two reasons.  First, he looks like the real Matisyahu, whom is a member of the chassidic group of Judaism.  And second, being that the real Matisyahu is a reggae music artist and "Matisyahu" always has headphones; it seemed like a good fit.

I own this album and it is really good.  Scroll down a bit and you can click to listen to samples of the songs.

Any ways, back to "Matisyahu."  So this guy everywhere he goes has headphones on.  The kitchen, the restroom, making copies, talking to people, everywhere!  I'm dying to figure out what he is listening to.  Sometimes I'll stand uncomfortably close to him in the kitchen trying to get a hint about what he's listening to.  There is a ton of counter space in our kitchen, so I wonder what he thinks of me when I decide to prepare my coffee inches from his.