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Thursday, October 25, 2007

User Error

Dear Diary,

I have established myself as an accomplished computer user.  Over the months, I have shown that I can write SQL script, make super snazzy reports and even debug problems that others can't.  Because of all this, my opinion, related to computers, is taken at face value by others in the department.

During a meeting this morning I played a practical joke on my boss.  She was complaining about a report I produced and how it was not formatted well for printing.  I tried explaining that reports can get changed when opened on other computers because they have different settings.

She looked like she did not like that answer, so I jumped in with my joke.  I said, "Well, maybe it was an Id-10-T printing error."  She shook her head, indicating she agreed.

The funny thing is that there is no such thing as an "Id-10-T printing error".  Look at what the error spells, Diary...Id-10-T spells IDIOT.  Ha-ha-ha.

It was really hard for me to maintain my composure.  Hopefully my comment won't come back to bite me in my motherboard.

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