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Friday, October 26, 2007

Where's my Coffee Cup?

Dear Diary,

I had a very bad scare this morning.  Something tragic happened that could have scarred me for the rest of my life (well, maybe).  I could not find my coffee cup this morning and the fear of not being able to have coffee was horrendously difficult for me to comprehend.

Instantly, I began cursing the names of all the potential suspects.

  • "Firestarter"
  • "Wall Knocker"
  • "Matisyahu"
  • Perhaps even, the graveyard shift crew of "Janitorial Engineers."
After scouring the kitchen, though, I eventually located my coffee up.  It was in the freezer.  What made me think of looking in the freezer?  I was desperate Diary; I needed to have a cup of coffee. And, it turned out to be a good decision because I found my cup.

In hindsight, I have no idea what I was doing/thinking that caused me to leave it in the freezer.  Perhaps subconsciously I thought that since beer mugs were chilled and that seems to be good; why not coffee cups too?  The problem with that theory, though, is that coffee is, most of the time, served piping hot.


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