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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Beware "Peet's Matt"

Dear Diary,

Setting the mood with my iPod...

Artist: Silverchair
Album: Freak Show (1997)
Song: Freak

Today, Diary, I would like to introduce you to "Wall Knocker."

Up until this point, all of the people I’ve told you about are from other departments, but now we are getting into home territory.  Any guesses why I call him "Wall Knocker?"  Well done, Diary, because he knocks on my wall.  Good job.  Way to put that together so quickly.  I’m proud of you.

"Wall Knocker" and I each have our own office and, unfortunately, we share a common wall.  "Wall Knocker" everyday thinks it is funny to knock some sort of pattern on the wall to see if I’ll respond.  I’m a patient man and so for the first week or so I would knock back.  But now "Wall Knocker" has the boss-lady doing it too.  I’m SO totally done with this.

I’m anxiously counting down the days until I get to have Peet’s coffee again and "Wall Knocker" decides to pound an afternoon drywall concerto for me.  I’m confident that the Peet’s will be raging through me enough that I could punch my hand through the wall to grab him.

Poor "Wall Knocker."  He’s playing Russian roulette and has no idea.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mattrix: I'll take a large Peet's please.

The rest of the world excluding Wallknocker: Hell yeah!

Wallknocker: What the hell is that noise and why is there a fist coming through the drywall?

Mattrix: Knock knock funny-pants.