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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Would you Like a Hair Net?

Dear Diary,

iPod on?  Check.

Artist: Korn
Album: Follow the Leader (1998)
Song: Freak on a Leash

Today's contestant is "CHESTer."  He sits next to "Wall Knocker" and is an interesting guy.  I call him "CHESTer" because he likes to leave the top two buttons of his shirt undone so that his sexy-man-hairs can poke out of his shirt.  I'm assuming he thinks it's sexy because he walks around the floor with his back arched to enhance the fact that his shirt is open.

It is especially fun (for me) to watch him go into the break room during lunch.  When he talks to someone it's fun watching them try to protect their food from any "'CHESTer' hairs" that might decide to jump ship and land in their food.

I realize that some guys are able to pull this look off, but I don't think that "CHESTer" can.  There's something about the way he carries himself around the office that hurts his "I'm sexy argument."  I think it's because he walks funny.

Shhh...here he comes Diary.  "Yes, 'CHESTer,' I can see you."  [Mattrix Waves] "You're right, it is hot in here."

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Aaron & Sara Warren said...

The link on the "walks funny" really completes this post, Mattrix!