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Friday, June 15, 2007

Casual Friday Crusade

Dear Diary,

I am not sure what to do.  I feel like a caged animal pacing back and forth in its cage.  Today is my third Friday (third times a charm) at [...BEEP...] and it is still not casual Friday.

[Tarzan Voice:] "Me no understand dress-nice-on-Friday."

This is going to be one of the hardest things I am going to have to deal with now that I do not work at -- at that other place.  Casual Fridays were one of the best things about [...BEEP...].  I got to wear my Happy Shoes (remind me later to tell you what those are).  I got to eat a paid-for-by-the-company-bagel.  And a fun lunch was usually involved.

Do you know what we get here at [...BEEP...]?  NOTHING!  No happy shoes.  No bagels.  And definitely no fun lunch trips to Mi Casa.  Do you know what we do instead?  We play dress up and pretend we are important business people and we eat VEGETABLES!!

You heard me right.  Here at [...BEEP...] we don't have Casual Friday or Bagel Friday.  We have Vegetable Tray Friday.  Whoopee!

Normally I would complain, but whom do I file a complaint with?  All of the people that I work with are older ladies that eat Weight Watcher meals for lunch and talk about gardening.  They love Vegetable Tray Friday.  Know this Diary.  I may not ever get to have a paid-for-the-company-bagel again, but what I will not do is stand around laughing over a good tray of vegetables.  I refuse.

Oooooo, I just had a good idea Diary.  Maybe I will participate after all.  But instead I will bring in a can of Crisco to dip my vegetables in instead of whatever that ranchy-creamy-white stuff is.  Someone has got to revolt.  I am going to start a Casual Friday Crusade.

[Matt Stands on his Desk:]
REPENT PEOPLE!!  EMBRACE THE BAGEL!!  Carbohydrates are not evil.  Vegetables on Friday's are evil incarnate.  FREEEEEE--DOOOOMMMMM!!!

[End Scene.  Roll Credits.]

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Aaron & Sara Warren said...

DUDE! I thought I had it bad here at (BEEP). I wore tennis shoes on my first Friday here with my jeans, since I was told we have Casual Friday. Turns out Casual Friday still calls for fancy shoes. BOO! And what about my bagel? No company-paid-bagels? I think I'm starting to understand why (BEEP) filed for Ch 11.

May I also add that I find hit hilarious that you seem to always be stuck near carb-conscious women. Fight the power, Mattrix. Fight the power!