What am I Doing?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Intra Entry: HPI

Dear Diary,

Twenty minutes ago my boss asked me to develop an internal Home Price Index ("HPI").  What!?!  Are you kidding me?  How am I supposed to do that?

How am I, a lonely Sr. Analyst, going to develop a Home Price Index that is so good our company will use it to allocate for loss reserves.  I can see the Wall Street Journal headlines now:

"Wonder boy analyst develops ground-breaking index.  Predicts California will fall into the Pacific Ocean.  Home values are expected to decline as a result."


Anonymous said...

Use the case/shiller index on the S&P site.

All that stuff came out today, so it's as current as you can get.


Mattrix said...

Superfreeman: We use Case/Shiller, C.A.R. and OFHEO for our indices, but the boss-lady wants to develop an internal index too.