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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Entry #2 (11/5/2003)

I can not find my first entry so I am going to have to start with my second entry. These and other entries dated prior to 2007 are the diary entries that got me started. Please enjoy and come back for more entries soon.

** BEGIN **
Dear Diary,

How have you been? I hope well. Please extend my deepest sympathies to your family for the loss of your cousin "The Encyclopedia." Losing him in the wildfires will be a loss that we all will feel. I just hope that I can remember what the capital of Madagascar is. I would like to share with you some of my latest, innermost thoughts.

I am sitting here wondering why I have to stay at work to eat some sort of concoction of pork and rice. Meanwhile, I long to know what my friends Warren, Rick, and Jeff are talking about right now. While they are out eating pizza and I am here working and wondering why life is so cruel I realize, oh precious Diary, why I am here. I have neglected to realize that there is more to life than good times and pizza. There are matters to be dealt with, and my good neighbor Heidi seems to be the only one strong enough to deal with them.

For example, Heidi just got off the phone with her home warranty company stating that they there are responsible for fixing her air conditioner. As Heidi would say, "If they are not smart enough to do their homework beforehand then they deserve to pay for a new air conditioner." She adds, "It's part of the policy." Isn't that so true Diary? Mustn't we all be smart and do our homework? So what if she is going to take the warranty company to court over a small appliance that pushes air around. They should have done their homework. And I thought that homework was only for school. Not so I guess. You go girl! Run that air conditioning during the winter. Don't let "The Man" keep you down!

I also got to hear Heidi talk to her husband again today. He was looking for the 210 freeway. Ah, the sweet romance of the husband-wife relationship. What would he do without it? Nothing. Her husband would be nothing but a pile of skin of bones wondering around aimlessly looking for his way home. To quote Heidi: "Are the mountains on your left or right?...Well, it's your choice if you wanna get home you need to turn around." Be strong my brotha! Don't turn around. Go the wrong direction for a long time. You can do it. Oh and don't forget to pick up Jennifer from school at 2:30 PM.

Don't get me wrong Diary, it's not that I like to listen in on other people's conversations. It's more that I am forced to due to being her styrofoam wall neighbor. Oh, and that she talks incredible loud! But I mustn't be too judgmental. Because, after all, perhaps she had some troubles with her ears as a child and so she speaks louder to compensate for that. Oh, how wrong I might have been all this time. I must learn to accept and deal with other people as there are. To sum it up..."We are all not perfect." In fact, we are "Perfect Strangers." Hopefully I'm Larry because Balki next to me is definitely out there.

Until We Meet Again...

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